Best Direct Marketing Techniques for 2013

Standing Out From The Crowd

Let’s face it, we get hit with hundreds of marketing messages per day and for the most part we discard or ignore these messages. So how can you stand out from the rest? When it comes to looking for the best direct marketing techniques there are a few key components that will improve your chances for success.

Personalized Messages

There is a better method for direct marketing than “spray and pray.” If the information isn’t relevant to the recipient, your message is sure to be overlooked. This is why the first component is to make sure the message is tailored to the individual. Using customer insights and variable data, you can create personalized marketing messages to fit your prospect’s interests and needs.

Timing Is Everything

A large component of successful direct marketing is the timing. You want to reach out to your buyers when they are ready and in need of what you offer, not when it’s convenient for you. How do you know when they are ready? Unfortunately this is not something that can be universal, but instead depends on your product, your clients, and the data available. However, as you plan your direct marketing efforts these are the questions you should be asking and finding answers to.

Once Isn’t Enough, Use Multi Touch Points

Sending out one communication to your audience isn’t enough. As mentioned above, people are getting hit with hundreds of messages per day and may ignore your offer the first time. Others may receive your message and have the intent to act, but then life happens and they never get around to it. Because of this, it is important that you have multiple touch points to improve your odds of getting through and having your prospects act.

Utilize Multiple Communication Channels

As you create your direct marketing campaign with multiple touch points, one thing to keep in mind is that people have different preferences on how they want to be reached. Some prospects may check their email regularly, however you may have a “junk email” address or the prospect may receive hundreds of emails per day and would prefer a printed piece. Other prospects may still prefer a phone call. The point is that you have better odds reaching the prospects when you utilize different types of communication channels.

Technology Bringing It All Together

While you create your timely integrated multi-channel direct marketing campaign, technology can help you implement this strategy and manage the process. You’re able to send out personalized direct marketing pieces, track the results. From here you can then send out additional direct marketing pieces and change the messaging based on their activity or non-activity.


What other direct marketing techniques have been successful for you? Also, if you have questions or need help with putting together a direct marketing campaign, contact us and you may also want to take a look at Winbrook’s Winning Direct Marketing Programs



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