All Things: Direct Mail

Mail smarter

It sounds simple, but it’s not simple at all. Not with today’s sometimes bewildering mix of traditional direct mail, big data, compliance mailings, social and mobile content consumption, online offers, promotional product tactics, variable digital print mailings, integrated email campaigns, digital direct response, multi-touch personal micro-sites and fulfillment (digital and physical).
And no matter which medium generates an order, it can get back to you through any other portal. Customers who see what they want in a printed catalog or online e-commerce storefront, could phone in the order, order online or use a snail mail order form and send a check.

You best be ready.
We can help.
Winbrook Gives You More Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Direct Response

We’ll help you deliver timely, relevant, compelling messages that resonate with each contact. We integrate print, promo, interactive, social media and mobile direct marketing solutions to enhance your engagement.
The result? You’ll enjoy insightful customer relationships, renewed customer loyaltyand increased sales.
If you just need some additional expertise in the execution of if you simply don’t have the time or the in-house resources to launch successful direct response campaigns, partnering with us is your perfect solution. We’ll help you get you the results you want.
We’ll Even Put Our Passion and Our 50 + Years Of Banking Expertise Into Every Compliance, Privacy, Abandoned Property, Year-End,
Non-Statement Mailing You Need To Do
Best of all you can get it all under one roof. Our warehousing, distribution, kitting and shipping capabilities allow us to expedite delivery of your mailing and fulfillment –eliminating the management hassles of coordinating multiple-service providers.
Want to automate delivery of your integrated direct mail and promo materials? Winbrook’s on-demand digital marketing management system, allows you to store, customize, order and track campaign materials though a single web-based interface. You can access mailing lists, modify content, and manage your mailing all from one central interface.

Three Terms Every Modern Direct Response Marketer Should Know:

Digital Direct Response is any advertisement that is designed to drive an immediate action from the consumer, like the sale of an app, a purchase from an online store, or lead capture through a form.
Big Data is the umbrella term for the use of multiple data sets, large or small, to draw more helpful conclusions and engineer better outcomes for a business. Examples of this include matching your CRM collected data with third-party reverse IP lookup, or mapping customer behavior to identify those ready to buy.
Mobile refers to accessing and consuming content on a mobile device. A combined strategy of social and mobile marketing is the most effective way to reach mobile users.