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It takes expertise and technology to drive better business decisions. We deliver both. WinSource™ is the technology that transforms the way you do business. In our hands and yours, WinSource™ provides you with comprehensive control, insight and transparency for continuous improvement. You control access levels, ordering, proofing, approvals, quantity, reorders, shipping, distribution, cost centers, report generation and more.

WinSource™ streamlines management and cost reporting – all in real-time. WinSource™ also works well with others, seamlessly integrating with your ERP solutions. You get a unified platform and an effective management tool for sharing critical business information across all departments, global regions and business units—anytime, anywhere–on any device.

Technology Is Always More Powerful When Paired With 50 + Years Of Expertise.
We are cognizant of the importance of accurate inventory counts, especially for client owned inventory. We allow auditors to review inventory logs and billing reports, as well as any other reports deemed necessary.

We also accommodate many of our clients currently with semi-annual on-site inventory reviews. We reconcile and balance the accounts of most of our inventoried customers on a monthly basis.

More Reports Come Standard With WinSource™ and We’ll Customize It To Your Specs.

WinSource™ Reports Menu:

The WinSource™ Reports Menu provides on-line access to multiple reports, including many of the reports that are offered at month-end summary billing. Three levels of standard reports are available online. Access to the reporting features is determined by login and password. These reports are available 24/7 and generally cover the day-to-day requests for reporting. They can be brought over into Microsoft Excel™ or printed from online. Data may be sorted by cost center, date, usage or product for a usage report. We also offer customization to your specific requirements.

We support single-point billing, monthly summary electronic invoicing, general ledger reporting and corresponding electronic reports. Month End Reports include an Inventory Balance and Invoice Recap, an Inventory Detail Report, Warehouse Release Report, Copies of Invoices (if requested), Cycle Counts and the Summary Bill. The Summary Bill lists the invoices billed, the shipment detail and costs by location. The other reports provide the supporting detail for the Summary Bill and include a listing of all products coming into the warehouse (invoiced or received inventory) and all products shipping from the warehouse (broken out by cost center and again by product) and final inventory counts and valuation. The Inventory Balance and Invoice Recap the direct shipment details; includes outgoing freight and order charges and any one-time charges.

Product Catalog:

Complete Product/Item Listing by Item Number, Item Description or Item Category. This report provides the Item Number, Item Description, Item Revision, and Unit of Measure and Quantity Per Unit.

Ship To Location Report:

Complete Listing of all Cost Centers. This report provides the Cost Center Number, Address, Phone Number and Fax Number – all are sortable fields.

Backorder Report:

Complete Listing of all Backorders by Item Number. This report provides for each backordered item: the Item Number; Item Description; Total Backordered Quantity and the On Order Quantity. Under each backordered item this report provides the Order Number, Order Date, Cost Center and Backorder Quantity

Inventory Status Report:

Complete Listing of all Inventoried Items. This report is generated by Item Number and it provides the Item Number, Item Description, Rev Date, Order Number, Received Date, GL Number, Starting Number, # of Units, Unit of Measure, Total Quantity on Hand, Quantity Committed, Quantity Available, Unit Price and the Extended Price.

Item Usage Trend Report:

Complete Listing of all Items Usage for the previous 12 Month period, by month, with a Total Quantity and an Average Monthly Usage. This report will also allow you to choose a specific Cost Center, specific Item Number or a specific Date Range.

Reorder Notice Report:

Complete Listing of all Items that have hit their Reorder Point. This report will provide the Item Number, Item Description, Average Monthly Usage, Quantity on Hand, # of Days, & Suggested Order Quantity.

Receiving Report:

Complete Listing of Warehouse Receipts by Date and by Item. This report will provide the Receipt Date, Item Number, Item Description, Order Number, Total Quantity, # of Units, Unit of Measure, Price per Unit, and the Extended Price.

Open Order Report:

Complete Listing of Items with Open Orders. This report will provide the Order Number, Item Number, Item Description, Qty on Order, Ship Date, UOM, Unit Price, and the Extended Price.