Case Studies

Some of the clients we’ve helped in our 50 + years.

Create and Manage Marketing Portal for Bosch Thermotechnolgy Corporation

The Challenge:
Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. is the North America operation of the Bosch Group’s heating and hot water division. As an industry leader, the division has12,900 employees across 9 countries worldwide. Sales channels consist of wholesale distributors, installation contractors and independent manufacturer rep groups. Bosch needed a marketing portal that would:
  • Create an online solution that would seamlessly integrate with the Bosch sales and marketing portal, that could produce, fulfill, and track variable marketing collateral and promotional products that were unique to the different sales channels, while accurately reporting on the value of each transaction.
  • Enable a customer or sales group to register equipment purchases, sign up for training classes and schedule product demonstrations.
  • Provide a incentive-rewards feature that awarded and tracked participating, online users with points or “Bosch Bucks” that they could redeem for promotional products and/or custom variable print on demand marketing collateral; including signs, posters, door hangers, postcards, flyers, etc.
  • Be flexible. Depending on the sales channel, different point systems are used to reward the various sales activities and different marketing products are available online to the various channel users.
Our Solution:
After working closely with Bosch to determine requirements. Our internal experts and team of Winbrook Certified Partners (programmers and international variable print providers) developed and launched the portal, based on our WinSource™ technology.
The Results:
Thanks to the portal, tracking and supporting sales activity with promotions and variable print products evolved from a manual process into a seamless and integrated online solution.
The active and high volume program achieves the corporate goals of:
  • Controlling the corporate brand
  • Eliminating waste and obsolescence
  • Reducing costs through a print on-demand program driven by the individual Bosch sales efforts
  • Creating the efficiencies and ROI that Bosch requires to remain the leader in their industry through tracking specific user activity across all sales channels


“Technology and people. Winbrook has always provided us with a crucial combination of innovation, service, expertise and integrity across the country. That combination continues to serve us well.”

-Fred Saar, Director of Facilities and Procurement


CitiStreet needed to improve, assemble and fulfill enrollment packages for Boeing’s 401(k) program.

The Challenge:
The package, containing 16 separate items, had grown unwieldy. It required collating of the separate materials, a pocket folder to hold the material and an envelope to mail it all. CitiStreet wanted a more efficient, attractive and cost-effective way to present the package to end users at Boeing.
Our Solution:
Winbrook formed a product modification team. The team analyzed workflow around the package and its path — from its initial design through to being in the hands of Boeing employees. We implemented a change management strategy that integrated a redesign of the separate components of the package — cover letter, investment options and enrollment forms.
We combined all 16 items into one 8 1/2 X 11 saddle stitched booklet with micro-perforated enrollment forms bound in.
The Results:
The booklet saved 25% in overall costs, eliminating costly and time-consuming fulfillment steps and the need for enclosing a pocket folder.
The booklet was also cleaner and more cohesive in its design and much more congruent with Boeing’s brand standards.
Boeing was thrilled with the booklet and began to implement other changes in documents and packaging as a result.


Error Free International, Kitting, Fulfillment and Distribution

The Challenge:
Forum, an international training organization whose client list includes Nike, Wyeth, Merck, as well as myriad Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 clients had quality control issues with international upper-level marketing executive training programs. Multiple-item training kits were missing critical items. Missed deadlines and lost opportunities threatened Forum’s reputation and eroded its brand.
Our Solution:
Through our rigorous QE2 (Quality Empowerment Squared) program, we lowered their error rate to less than 1% over a three-year period and delivered on-time 100% despite the challenges of multiple international locations, tight deadlines and dynamic kitting (as many as 60 components in one kit—promotional items, games, collateral, printed material, etc).
The Results:
Partner confidence and brand integrity were restored and strengthened tenfold.



“I wanted to share this photo of our new sign in Laconia with you as it’s a beautiful one and shows how all the hard work has paid off. Pretty proud of this. Thank you for helping us get here!”

-Laura Tringali, Senior Marketing Communications Manager


Winbrook Spearheads Global Rebranding For Lake Region Medical With Promotional Procurement, Kitting and Signage.

The Challenge:
Accellent, a global OEM supply chain manufacturer for the medical device industry, re-branded to Lake Region Medical (LRM) in September, 2014 as part of their recent acquisition of the company.
LRM invested a lot of time and effort  in the development of the new brand to integrate the customer experience and history of both companies. LRM decided to make a significant investment in launching the new brand at each  of its 15 sites.
Phase 1 was executing a simultaneous change-over in temporary signage and delivering branded gifts to the  employees to build their support and commitment to the new company at the, “Celebration,” a globally-wide company event.  Lake Region Medical knew that they had a tight time line to execute and they reached out to Winbrook.
Our Solution:
Winbrook’s print and promotional team worked with LRM marketing to select, procure and deliver over 5,000 kits for an employee gift in less than a 4 week time frame. We provided the expertise, project management and guidance to make the deliveries to all 15 locations, including 4 overseas sites.
In tandem, the design, production and installation of temporary signage was orchestrated so that each site would have the new brand experience on September 26th. The President’s message was telecast and celebrations took place at each lake region medical location.
Phase 2 of the rebrand effort involved the design, project management and installation of new permanent signage at each of the domestic sites. Winbrook worked with Lake Region Medical Marketing to design, produce and install new interior and exterior signage showcasing the new heart design logo. Winbrook provided the resources and project management to execute the president’s vision of a unified organization, dedicated to servicing their customers and investing in their employees.
The Results:
Winbrook and The Lakes Region Marketing Team executed perfectly for a successful rebrand within a very tight timeframe.

Personalized Communications Delivers for Nichols College

The Challenge:
Nichols College’s lead generation efforts for admissions was not getting the results needed to grow the college as planned. They were using static direct mail pieces with the same message to all. ROI was lackluster. Their tactics did not deliver an acceptable number of leads given the costs. and Plus, they were unable to accurately measure results in real time. They needed a partner that could deliver a more personalized communications message to prospective students and their families.
Our Solution:
Winbrook provided an integrated marketing campaign that utilized personalized communications through variable data print, personalized url’s, automated response emails and automated notification emails. This solution provided high quality leads through relevant communications using a variety of media, while implementing a online reporting system that delivered real time-results.
The Results:
  • The most successful direct mail ever deployed by Nichols College.
  • Site received 3.60% response, when <1% was the norm.
  • 761 Quality Leads from a single mailer surpassed all goals


Promotional “Inside-Out” Marketing: New Product Rollout

The Challenge:
Sunovion, then Sepracor, required an agile, segmented, multi-flight, integrated and targeted promocentric program in place to support the rollout of Lunesta, its prescription sleep aid, pending FDA approval.
Our Solution:
We packaged, storyboarded and catalogued a flexible, scaleable and robust promocentric program that made it easy for the brand’s marketing team to select, budget and rollout in real-time as the drug moved through FDA Approval and into launch.
The Results:
The Lunesta prescription sleep aid launch, under extremely tight deadlines, consumer restrictions and challenging environments, has been heralded as one of the most successful Pharma rollouts within the last decade.


“Strategic partners who understand your challenges and are willing to work alongside you to achieve your goals are priceless. Winbrook is one such partner.The Winbrook team has been a valuable asset to TD Bank.”

-David Coutu, Vice President of Regional Procurement


Flawless Project Management: Mergers & Acquisition

The Challenge:
A total of 117 items, consisting of branded forms and paper stock, plus letterhead, envelopes and business cards, needed to be created and delivered to each of the acquired 201 branch locations in four states within a specific five-day time frame. Additionally, the Winbrook conversion team had to setup WinSource™ usernames and passwords for all 201 branch locations.
The very nature of acquisitions can be unsettling to employees of the acquired organization. The entire conversion operation would be a demonstration of the integrity, leadership and trust of TDBN to its new employees — a critical first impression.
Our Solution:
The Winbrook team began to plan for the conversion in December of 2005 for the May 2006 conversion. The team conducted weekly meetings, created a timeline and communicated closely with the TDBN team. The Winbrook team held monthly and later bi-weekly meetings with TDBN.
Winbrook implemented smaller distributions of transition materials from January through May. The transition materials reflected the fact that Hudson United Banks were now part of the TDBN brand. All products, including the fully branded materials, were proofed, ordered and delivered on schedule. All products were staged and palletized for single truck shipment per location.
Winbrook set up all locations/end users for WinSource™ online ordering through distribution of our Reference Guides. Ease of use eliminated the need for live training.
The Results:
100% QC. All 201 branches experienced a smooth transition with no disruption.


The Challenge:
Christmas Tree Shops, a subsidiary of Bed, Bath & Beyond, faced hurdles from established and better-known regional competitors as it expanded its presence into 18 states in the Midwest, South and West.
In New England, Christmas Tree Shops had been a well-known, year-round shopping destination for home furnishings, housewares, food, gifts, paper goods, seasonal products and brand name closeouts since its inception in Yarmouth Port on Cape Cod in 1970.
However, the retailer’s brand name created some consumer misconceptions as the chain expanded outside of New England.
Christmas Tree Shops President Todd Johnson defined the challenge, “Once we began expanding outside of New England, we had to explain in detail why customers should shop our stores January to October because most consumers assumed we sold only Christmas ornaments and décor year-round.”
The retailer’s marketing team and agency created a strategy to integrate a new brand name, “andThat!,” with its existing, “Christmas Tree Shop,” brand. The chain’s merchandising, operations and architectural teams were brought in to create new physical space layouts, display tactics and merchandising strategy changes that would maximize sales.
The rollout of the, “andThat!” brand would be tested in four locations. Three locations, New Jersey, New York and Virginia, were targeted for the brand integration rollout under the Christmas Tree Shops andThat! Name. A new location in Michigan was slated to open under the sole “andThat!” brand.
The deadline was extremely tight – 45 days from prototyping to delivery for all four locations.
The Solution
The Winbrook Display team was brought in to consult with the chain’s ad agency, visual merchandising group and store operations team to define the scope of the project and plan the execution of the rebranding. Approximately 223 separate components for the four locations, ranging from motorized hanging mobile foyer signs to hanging aisle signs to halo lit wall signs and custom wood-framed prints would be required. The Winbrook team also secured select promotional products to enhance and support the rebranding.
Winbrook’s project management and clear communication helped keep distinct groups, within Christmas Tree Shops and within its parent company, Bed, Bath & Beyond, well-informed and on track during the 45-day rollout.
The Winbrook team, also drew on its reserve of 50 + years of expertise, to help solve issues of signage weight, lighting, installation, coordination, customization and budget that could have delayed the execution of the rebranding.
The Results:
The project resulted in a successful rollout of the rebranding and increased sales. Christmas Tree Shops’ President, Todd Johnson, commended the WInbrook team for it’s ability to execute and deliver the critical merchandising components necessary to achieve the, “wow factor” to create excitement around the rebranding—on budget and within the 45-day deadline. The chain has continued to roll out the rebranding to other locations.