Managing: All Things Digital Assets

Work without boundaries, provide access and assure your brand’s integrity.

Q: Is WinSource™ a Brand Management System, A Digital Asset Library, A Production Asset Management System, An Online Storefront or One Heckava’ Fulfillment PowerTool?


Choose Your Flavor, WinSource™ is Versatile:
WinSource™ B.A., is your brand asset management system, delivering branded content re-use for medium to enterprise level organizations with multiple geographic locations. It archives and serves up mostly marketing and sales related product imagery, logos, fonts, marketing collateral including variable data-enabled materials. You can even store social media posts and e-mail content for your community managers to access and use anytime.
It’s 3pm of a very productive day in your graphics department. Do you know where your latest file version is? No worries. With its centralized repository, WinSource™ B.A. enables all stakeholders to easily locate and share the most updated files.
WinSource™ Cold Storage is your library asset management system and the archive to store and access infrequently changing video, photo and art media assets.
WinSource™ In Motion is your production management system, a place to store, view and manage video assets as they are being created for digital media production. You get workflow, project-management and revision features for frequently changing digital assets.
WinSource™ MoreInStore is a global B2B solution, expressly designed for self-service procurement of branded products in a friendly, easy-to-use, infinitely customizable online storefront. It’s the perfect place for employee incentive program gifts as well as for franchisee/dealer/affiliate purchasing of branded materials including, promotional items, branded apparel and all things printed including digital-on-demand and digital-variable.
Best of all, a real live human being is included with every version of WinSource™ We do business on a first name basis and we take your business very personally. You’re assigned a real, live account manager with a real name to support you 24/7/365.
Winbrook also operates off a robust disaster recovery-business continuity plan so your business will always keep running.

With Fulfillment Management from Winbrook, you’ll enjoy:

Anytime, anywhere secured access to all of your digital media from any device whether you’re at your desk, working from home or at a coffee shop halfway around the world. You’re always connected to your brand, creative files and teams.
Store, customize, order and track all of your branded assets through a single web-based interface.
An on-demand digital marketing management system, allows you, your sales and marketing teams, local and remote employees, channel partners franchisees- virtually anyone you want – to have fast and easy access to you entire brand library or to only selected portions.
Individual members of your team enjoy self-service access to the marketing tools they need, when they need them, where they need them.
The controls you need to monitor access, expenditures and usage.
An online fulfillment system to put all marketing materials in the hands of those who need them most- sales, business development, administrative, channel partners, franchisees or others- while reducing your own overhead and effort.
A better way to manage your channel marketing and/or co-op parter programs.
You also get:
  • Centralize ordering from online libraries of branded materials: print, promo items, signage, clothing, display materials, and more
  • A site designed to your organizations brand guidelines
  • Customizable welcome screens to showcase special items or campaigns
  • Easy, online customization of marketing and business materials by users
  • Ordering-on-demand
  • Printing-on-demand
  • Full-scale accounting of orders by quantity, type, source, and more to improve asset and usage tracking and help companies better control operational costs.
  • Central control of spending accounts or co-op dollars by item and individual user
  • Robust approval capabilities
  • Permission-based access control to manage what users see and do
  • User-customizable ‘favorites’ selection tool for quick and easy access to frequently-ordered or preferred items
  • Message alerts- delivered on-site or via email-to inform users of new or out-of-stock items
  • An embedded survey tool that allows administrators to capture feedback from users