Managing: All Things Promo

“Please tell me, why do I need you to get me cheap promotional pens?”

If that’s all you need, then you really don’t need us.

But if you need an experienced staff of buyers, strategists and graphic designers working cohesively to create comprehensive promotional programs for your enterprise, department or event…If you need secure warehouse space along with impeccable fulfillment services all wrapped up in a neat bow with 24/7/365 online storefronts, online anywhere access, transparency and reporting, then you need us, Winbrook. We have 50+ years of delivering all that’s needed to help our clients do business, better.
Get with the program: the last thing we want to do is sell you a promotional item.
We believe the most successful marketing and branding initiatives are, “inside-out” jobs. You need to get all stakeholders on board first, before executing anything.
Which is where we shine. You’re first assigned a promotional account manager, your go-to person who will always get it done. She or he asks you all the right questions, right up front, to assess your requirements. Then your dedicated team plans, packages and provides you with all the samples, documentations, presentations and support you need to communicate clearly to your people, provide assurance and get the green light to “go.”
With us, it’s all about the program we provide as much as it’s about the promotional products we procure for you. And it’s worked pretty well for our clients for 50+ years.

Winbrook Offers:

  • A dedicated team of promotional product consultants
  • Complete product and campaign design services
  • Online company store programs
  • On-Demand ordering and fulfillment
  • Inventory management
  • Integrated promotional campaign strategies
  • Recognition and awards programs
  • Tradeshow fulfillment programs
  • Uniform programs
  • Overseas sourcing
  • A substantial portfolio of retail brands available for branding

We Provide Programs and Promotional Products for:

Sales & Corporate Promotions
Whether you’re introducing a new product, building customer loyalty, or driving a sales incentive program, we can help. Our product/services range can fulfill any marketing program you may manage including: Giveaways- sampling items; Custom designed products: Pump-up-salespeople kits; Dealer drivers; New Product Launches; Fulfillment premium incentives
Online corporate catalogues/storefront; and Employee/Customer Incentive & Rewards
Branded Retail & Consumer Promotions
We plan first. Then execute to plan. In-well timed and well-coreographed ways. We’ll provide your teams, globally if need be, with all things promotional that best reflect the passion and emotion of your brand. We’ll help you map out the full customer journey on your brand to gain attention, engagement and inspire evangelism.
Perfect for: New Store Openings, New Product Launches, Social Media, Community Advocacy, Seasonal Campaigns, Sponsorship Activation, Gift-with-Purchase, Purchase-with-Purchase, Programs On-Pack, In-Pack and Redemption Offers, Self Liquidating-Programs
Employee Incentive Programs
You want to recruit, retain and recognize passionate and dedicated employees. You want to retain them as well by elevating their pride, rewarding their success and encouraging them to grow personally and professionally. We’ll help you build programs that stoke your employees’ passion and remind them how fortunate they are to work for such a great company.
Examples: Online Store and In-Person Incentives, Awards Recognition Programs Recruitment Campaign Programs Training and Advancement Programs
Tradeshow + Event Marketing Programs
Show and event competition is fierce. It takes the right plan, aligned with the right products and executed in the right ways to win attention, engagement and evangelism. Timing is everything which is why we provide our clients with a pre-show, during-show and post-show program to maximize opportunities.
Expertise includes: Pre & Post-show Engagement, Booth Execution, Corporate Conventions, Event Sponsorship.
Corporate Promotional Programs
Empower your sales force with the prospecting tools, send me somethings, pull-through rewards, and dimensional mailer gifts that will engage, inspire and build business. We keep it fresh, sometimes on trend, sometimes superseding trend and always impeccably tailored to your corporate DNA.

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Our Promotional teams are brand savvy, cost savvy, detail driven, fully transparent, technologically enabled and always planning. And that’s why we’ll help you do business, better.