Sourcing: All Things Branded Apparel

Dress for success

Does your brand look good on you?
Whether you’re implementing an employee incentive program, dressing your people for a trade show, sponsoring an event, outfitting your office or promoting your company’s products and services, we offer you more ways to share and wear your brand love, from head to toe.
Our experienced Winbrook brand apparel team leverages our Winbrook Certified Partner Network to provide you with a wide array of choices, whether you’re buying for the sea level or C-suite. We know that sometimes a cap is not just a cap. Our apparel providers include distinguished brand names that can elevate your brand through association.
And our repertoire extends well beyond the T-shirts, golf polos, caps, windbreakers, extreme weather shells and work jackets most people think of when they think of promotional apparel. So if you need high thread count white dress shirts, classic navy blazers and cashmere baseball caps embroidered with your corporate logo, we’ll get it done and delivered to multiple international locations with impeccable timing if need be.
Branded apparel really is the most effective medium to stimulate positive word-of-mouth and break through the clutter in today’s oversaturated advertising climate.

Branded Apparel is A Versatile and Powerful Marketing Tool:

  • Wearing branded apparel attracts others, drives engagements and helps spark conversations.
  • Wearing the brand is sharing the brand in the most personal way- proudly standing with that brand and what it represents.
  • The choice to wear that shirt, cap, jacket or even a button can have a far greater impact than any actual words.
  • It leverages other marketing efforts and fills a void when traditional advertising is absent.