Sourcing: All Things Promo

Fulfill your brand promise with promo

Need to motivate your employees to adopt your next “inside-out” initiative? Want to reward them for a job well done? Leverage their enthusiasm for your organization? Gift advocates in your social media communities? Drive sales? Direct prospects to landing pages? Increase traffic to your next event? Introduce a new product? Increase customer demand?
Promo is the answer. And our creative sourcing is the solution to bring your brand to life in the eyes, hearts and minds of your prospects, customers and employees. Our creativity is what sets us apart.
Our promotional product sourcing team leverages our network of 35,000 suppliers offering over a million customizable products to get you precisely the right solutions perfectly matched to your marketing strategies. And our in-house graphics team will turn, “big-ideas” into influential realties.

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Our promotional teams are brand savvy, cost savvy, detail driven, fully transparent, technologically enabled and always planning. And that’s why we’ll help you do business, better.

Winbrook Promotional Product Sourcing Benefits Include:

Freedom of Choice: Our established and expansive overseas sourcing partnerships in addition to our supplier network increase your options exponentially.

Brand Cachet: Our supplier network includes a sizable selection of distinguished retail brands available for personalization.

Customized Web-Based Catalog and Online-Storefront Programs: Our online solutions enable and empower your employees, customers and advocates to access your branded assets anywhere on the planet.

A Deep Bench of Expertise: Our promo procurement experts and in-house graphics team provide you with years of product, strategic, research, development and program.